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Student Testimonials


For 6 years Glen took me under his wing and taught me guitar, however it was more than just pentatonic scales, chords and Charlie Parker songs. Inside every teaching you could find life lessons that would help you to become a better person, as well as a better musician. Glen is incredibly knowledgeable in musical theory and has the ability to create lessons that are entering and practical. Having being taught by Glen I have become a better guitarist and person. Who else would teach you how to create an amazing Chai?

I would recommend Glen to every person who would like to learn the art of guitar.   


Over the time I spent learning guitar with Glen, I not only learnt a lot but gained a friend. Glen being a really nice, easy to talk to person made him one of the best teachers I've ever had. Another quality of Glen's is his never-ending knowledge. After spending years in India learning with many different gurus, Glen will just about take your learning everywhere. Whatever your genre may be, Glen will find something for you. I really enjoyed my time learning with Glen. Oh and did I mention he plays the Tablas!!!!! Thank you for teaching me Glen and I hope everyone else enjoys learning with you as much as I did. :)


In the four years that Glen taught me guitar I found him to be a kind, patient and enthusiastic teacher. With a rich musical background drawn from various cultures, Glen brings a unique teaching style. Most notably his experience as a tabla player has given him exceptionally good rhythm and an appreciation of Indian modes that is uncommon among guitar players. Beyond that, Glen was a mentor and friend to me and I am constantly grateful for everything he taught me. 


Tiana & Sophia

Glen taught us together in a shared lesson for about 3 years and he taught us everything we know about guitar. He changed our perspective on music in such a way that we will carry that knowledge with us for the rest of our lives.

Before we met Glen, we knew little to nothing about guitar and hardly knew what a chord even was. As a duo, Glen helped us to grow together by supporting us in more ways than we could have asked for. He inspired us with his joyous and positive outlook on music and life. Glen always made sure it was all about us and listened to what we wanted to learn and helped us achieve that.

Glen is very dedicated to his students. If we suggested a song, the next week he would turn up with the music and would have perfected the song and adapted it to suit us; even if he had never heard the song before. In addition to teaching guitar, he would even help us with vocal harmonies by singing them and demonstrating them on the guitar. This gave us the confidence to busk for the first time which happened to be at a busking competition. To our great surprise, we won the overall prize! We could have never done it without Glen. We are incredibly grateful to him for passing on to us his great knowledge and amazing skills in music. His positive attitude and joyful energy was brought into every lesson and left us cheerful too. We still feel so connected to Glen, despite his recent move and feel so lucky to have had such a wonderful teacher. We highly recommend Glen to any future students.


I learnt guitar for 4 years with Glen, and only after those 4 years were over did I really notice how he affected my life. He changed it, in an amazing and splendid way. He was the greatest teacher I have ever known. His way of teaching wasn’t like any other teacher. It wasn’t just about doing the same thing over and over again and pushing something so much until you couldn’t forget it, it was about enjoying yourself to the point when you wanted to go home and practice, and doing things that you, yourself wanted to do. He would always ask me what songs I wanted to play, which is a trait many teachers don’t have, but in fact after a while, I felt better him choosing the songs I played, I enjoyed his music, and I enjoyed everything he had to offer.

In those 4 years, Glen was a great teacher, but what he became more than that, was a friend. I have never had a teacher that I could talk so openly to, about anything at all. Glen’s way of teaching me isn’t over, and that’s something special about him. He teachers you in a way like planting a seed. The seed is always growing but every week he waters it. Once the seed has grown into a tree, it doesn’t need the watering, but it still grows, and I am very happy to say, that I will always be taught by Glen, even if he is halfway across the world. Zane Beveridge, Student of Glen from 2011 - 2014

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