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Guitar lessons


Glen is a highly experienced and inspiring guitar teacher. Glen teaches a diverse range of contemporary styles including Jazz, Blues, Rock, World Music, Folk, Improvisation, and more. He is equally proficient on both acoustic and electric guitar, and is a creative improvisor. 


Glen has been teaching private guitar lessons since 1990.  He has also held a number of guitar teaching posts in schools, such as Melbourne Rudolf Steiner school - (7 years), Little Yarra Steiner school, Geelong Grammar School, Sacred Heart College Kyneton, Learn Music Kew, and Paradise Music Richmond. 


Guitar lessons are open to students of all ages, ranging from beginning to advanced levels.

Glen is currently teaching guitar lessons at his home in Muko-shi, Kyoto.

For Japanese students who wish to improve their English skills, Glen teaches guitar lessons in English!




ギターレッスン 英語 英語でギター ギター教室 ギター講師 ギタリスト 京都 大阪  グレン・ニービスギター教室
ギターレッスン 英語 英語でギター ギター教室 ギター講師 ギタリスト 京都 大阪  グレン・ニービスギター教室
Teaching Method


Glen has evolved his own teaching philosophy over many years, which has naturally developed as a result of his diverse areas of musical study, particularly through his experiences in Indian classical music, and the guru-shishya (master-disciple) relationship found in Indian musical training. 


Glen takes an enjoyable, creative and flexible approach to all lessons, which are practically based with an aural emphasis, and aimed at increasing the student's confidence and proficiency.


Glen is a naturally friendly and nurturing teacher, who seeks to establish a close rapport and connection with his students. Rather than take a "one-size-fits-all" approach, Glen recognizes that each student is an individual with particular needs, their own sense of musical preference, and way of learning. 


Glen's approach is to identify and encourage the particular musical interests of the student, and to nurture these as the centre of the student's learning.  Glen encourages as much enjoyment as possible throughout the learning process, the basic idea being that we should do what we love and love what we do, and therefore be self-motivated to achieve our goals. Glen hopes in this manner to help students kindle a spark of musical interest, which will continue throughout their lives.

Fees and Schedule

Please see the list of fees below. Glen gives guitar lessons throughout the week and on weekends.

* Please note: weekend and evening lesson times are in high demand and may not be available.

体験レッスン         ( 1 回 60分)

1回 4,000 円

月1回コース       (1レッスン 60分)

月謝 6,000 円 

月2回コース    (1レッスン   60分)

月謝 10,000 円 ( 1レッスン 5,000 円)

月3回コース    (1レッスン 60分)

月謝 14,000 円 (1レッスン  4,600 円)

月4回コース     (1レッスン 60分)

月謝 16,000 円  (1レッスン 4000 円)

If you wish to contact Glen about lesson bookings, please click the pick!

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Glen teaches from his home in Muko-shi, Kyoto. The nearest station is Nishimuko on the Hankyu line. From the east exit, its a short walk down the hill to Glen's Guitar Studio!

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