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Latest news:  September 2023   Astronomie  "Interstellar Nomad" album release!

Glen collaborated with his old friend Bean (rhythm guitar) on this project. Glen played lead guitar on this album.


Astronomie was formed in the Doom Den April 2017, when Bean and Kenny Slessor conspired to make some slow and heavy music, inspired by sci-fi and driven by fuzz. Assembling a crew of like-minded musicians, the end result is Interstellar Nomad, a debut album of sublime heaviness showcased by Bean’s Wall of Doom production, James’ layered vocals and Glen’s soulful guitar solos. 


April 2020 - Glen has finished a new album in Japan with Yasuhiro Minamizawa entitled "ENTRANCE" !
Yasuhiro Minamizawa & Glen Kniebeiss - "ENTRANCE" CD

"ENTRANCE" is an album of ambient 528Hz healing music with Indian overtones

and ocean waves. Featuring the meditative sounds of tanpura and swarmandal played by Yasuhiro Minamizawa. Guitars, bass and tabla played by Glen Kniebeiss, 

with ocean soundscapes by Hiroki Okano. Artwork and design by Nobuyuki Nishida.

The music is sublimely dreamy throughout. Creating an atmosphere of deep stillness, this album is recommended for relaxation, meditation, yoga or before sleep.  



Mysterious, alluring, hypnotic...The Ambients’ music exudes spaciousness.
The unhurried evolution of their debut double album is as sure and timeless as water working on rock, sea meeting shore, desert winds forming dunes from grains of sand.

With a simple line-up of guitar, bass and drums, The Ambients have created a series of aural portraits conjuring the shifting moods of the Australian landscape, while leaving ample room for your imagination.
This is rare music; at times delicate, always elemental.

Video samples

The Ambients live in the studio, recording the first take of "Surya". Quite different to the take used on the album, more raw and psychedelic!

The Ambients live in the studio, recording the second take of "Surya". This take was used on the album and features tabla overdubs.

This video features Glen accompanying fantastic percussionist Matt Stonehouse. You can see Matt's website here.

Glen has featured on the following albums as a guitarist:
Glen has also featured on the following albums as a tabla player: 
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